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Asset-based loan consideration relies on the accuracy of property valuation.

It is impractical to staff enough experts for every type of asset evaluation. Aircraft Appraisal Services has an experienced, cross-product appraisal staff that provides comprehensive valuations for every type of aircraft.

Our ability to appraise an aircraft is founded on over 30 years of global market resale experience that takes into consideration technical innovations that affect the price of aircraft. There is no substitute for real-world experience when it comes to choosing an appraisal service.

We travel to any location on behalf of our clients and provide a comprehensive report within 48 hours that will withstand the scrutiny of any agency.  Our firm has provided over 2 billion dollars of actuarial-based appraisals for some of the largest funding agencies in the world.

Our services range from single aircraft to fleet appraisals that include current value, market summaries, near-term and forecasted studies for lease and conditional sales agreements. The services are fee-based and typically absorbed by your customer. We have extensive experience in evaluating aircraft portfolios for banks and other financial institutions.

We value our membership in aircraft finance, business, and resale organizations worldwide and our director is the past president of the National Aircraft Appraisal Institute and founded the International Board of Aircraft Appraisals.

Our clients include BNP Parabis Bank, HSBC, PNC Bank, RBC, BB&T, General Electric Credit Corp, Bank of America, Bank One, Crystal Lake Bank, and The Northern Trust Company along with individuals, governments, legal offices and more.  

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Aircraft Appraisal Services



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