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On Site Appraisal

    Each aircraft is unique. Two aircraft that seem identical on paper may differ in value by millions of dollars. Accurate valuation depends on a thorough review of the aircraft records, current condition, and analysis of past and current maintenance along with precise market knowledge. We immediately travel to the aircraft for review while our home office researches every last aspect of that specific aircrafts history to develop the most comprehensive report. This report will exceed every requirement of any agency in the country including taxing bodies, collateral loan mandates, legal arenas, federal audit review boards and so on.

Desk Appraisal

   Our database of every turbine aircraft built and their history allows us to capture the market range of a specific aircraft. While not near as comprehensive as an on-site appraisal, it is useful for a quick analysis in order to determine the near net worth of the aircraft.

Portfolio Review for Financial Related Companies

    Aircraft Appraisal Services will review and investigate the aircraft in your portfolio and at your discretion, review  your financial position in each aircraft. This creates a full analysis of each loan individually or as a whole. The report includes loan aging, residual value studies, intrinsic net worth, and forecasted net worth over the term of your loans. It will embrace forecasted impacts of known future mandates that can affect your aircraft portfolio over any term prescribed.

Legal Services

    Our firm has been called upon by many different legal firms, financial related companies, and government bodies to analyze and appraise aircraft. We have testified as expert witnesses in six Federal Courts and over twenty circuit courts nationwide which have deemed us experts in evaluating many different types of aircraft. Historical worth, diminution of value studies, divorce litigation, taxation requiems and many other aspects are all a part of our services.

With over 2 Billion dollars of appraisals accomplished in recent years-you are assured of complete and accurate results-immediately

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Aircraft Appraisal Services



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